Top 6 Swim Caps To Keep Hair Dry

We already know that swim gears play a vital role for swimmers to carry out swimming activities while keeping hair dry. Swims caps are primarily used to avoid direct contact between the hair and the pool water.

Additionally, it prevents your hair from pool chemicals and facilitates better performance by making you more streamlined. This is why a diver should always use a swim cap when taking a dip into the water.

best swim caps to keep hair dry

There are a handful of swimming caps available in the marketplace. Therefore, it can be a complicated task for someone to find out the Best Swim cap from tons of products.

That’s why we created this entire guide and a list of the best silicone swim caps to make your shopping convenient and hassle-free. Without any further ado, let’s quickly jump into it.

Top 6 Swim Caps to Keep Hair Dry

Soul Cap XL Swim Cap

Soul extra-large swim caps are specially designed for long, voluminous, or curly hairs. The extra-large cap can fully prevent your dreadlocks, weaves, and braids from damage. It is made from premium silicone material to ensure durability, flexibility, and strength. These premium swim caps are the best form of defence against the chemicals present in the pool water.

Soul swim caps are available in different types of sizes, such as L, and XL, to cover all different hair types. It is not only fit for long, thick hairs but also a good product for those with thin hairs as it falls flat behind your head. Also, it is ideal for children as well with the size JR and JR (large), which is specially made for kids.

It is one of the best swim caps to keep your hair dry and safe with its toxin-free and BPA-free design.


  • Available in various sizes
  • BPA free
  • Toxin-free
  • The material is a premium silicone


  • Average quality

Aegend Swim Caps

Aegend Swim Caps for Long Hair (2 Pack), Durable Silicone Swimming Caps with Spacious Space for Women Men Adults, Easy to Put On and Off, Black Blue
  • 【2 PACK- SPACIOUS DESIGNED FOR LONG HAIR】 Created for swimmers with long hair, the swimming cap is built to accommodate and protect long hair, thick hair, braided hair etc. Asymmetrically designed to create more space.
  • 【STURDY & THICKER SILICONE MATERIAL】 Tear resistant, odorless, environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic, this amazing swimmer's cap uses premium-quality silicone for long lasting performance.

And swim caps are excellent swimming gear with long-lasting performance and protection from water. The material is again Silicone which is completely non-toxic and eco-friendly.

It has a comfortable and unique design with two packs of swim caps in order to provide extraordinary protection. The 2 pack of caps gives a kind of sealing effect which seals up the hair from being wet.

It is designed with a user-friendly 3D shape for a perfect fit. Great elasticity reduces the chances of any deformity of the cap after a stretch. Also, you don’t have to tear or pull your hair while wearing a swimming cap.

The area of the cap that is placed over the ear has cushioned spaces to reduce irritation underneath the ear. It is highly recommended for daily swimmers who are facing leakage problems with their other swimming caps.


  • Protection for long hairs
  • Soft space for ears
  • Perfectly keeps your hair dry
  • 12-month replacement


  • It may slip off if you haven’t worn it correctly

Speedo Fastskin 3 Competition Swim Cap

Speedo Fs3 Competition Swim Cap, New Black, Small
  • FINA approved
  • The world's first cap featuring the IQ Fit Profile, and designed using accurate head mapping data for optimum comfort, outstanding hydrodynamic performance, improved fit and ease of use.

Speedo Fastskin swim cap is considered to be the outstanding swimming cap for competitions as it is approved by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) for its perfect form and design.

In addition, the Speedo is the world’s first Brand to develop the IQ Fit feature in swim caps and goggles as well. This cap is designed to accurately understand the different shapes and sizes of a user’s head with a head mapping data feature.

Moreover, Speedo has manufactured this cap, especially for racing, as it has a perfect real head form and thick silicone material which provides great hydrodynamic performance. Also, reduces the drag in water for better speed and performance in your swimming race.

It may cost you a bit more compared to other caps, but it is a value-for-the-money product, and you are not going to regret spending those extra pennies.


  • Best for competitions
  • Has IQ Fit technology
  • FINA approved


  • Expensive

Swim Elite Swimming Cap for Long Hair

Silicone Swim Cap for Long Hair, Swimming Cap for Women Long Hair, Flexible Adult Swimmers Cap, Waterproof Bathing Swimming Pool Cap with Nose Clip, Stretchy and Lightweight, Keep Hair Dry
  • OFFER No more water in your nose thanks to the included Nose Clip. Swim Elite's uniquely designed Swimming Caps along with the Nose Clip are bonding into a perfect training set that flatters your training, offering you the perfect circumstances to evolve to expert level.
  • LOOK GOOD Our Swim Cap it's ergonomically designed and easy to put on without snagging your hair. These Swim Caps for Long Hair won't cause any breakage and won't wrinkle. Made with a precision fit for reduced drag and tear resistance.

Swim Elite swim cap is a lightweight and durable, latex-free cap for long hair. A free nose clip is provided with the swim cap for complete protection.

It is designed with features to facilitate comfortable swimming. Anyone can easily put on the cap without snagging or hurting their hair due to its ergonomic properties.

This cap has great elastic strength. It can be stretched out from small to extra large size, even if you have long hair. The Swim Elite’s swim cap ensures hygienic and safe swimming as it is a toxin-free, non-allergic, and odourless cap that keeps hair dry.

Hence, now you can focus on your aqua-exercises and aerobics without even thinking of the leakage of water from the cap.

It is easy to wear – collect your hair in one place, stretch the cap with both hands from both sides and fit it in your head.


  • A Free premium nose clip
  • Available in a variety of colour options
  • Best for training purposes


  • The nose clip may slide off

Swim Elite’s Premium 2-in-1 Swim Cap

Reversible Silicone Swim Cap, Waterproof 2-in-1 Swimming Caps for Men and Women with Carry Bag, Flexible Adult Swimmers Cap for Short and Medium Length Hair
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from the UK version, including fit, age ratings, and labelling.

Swim Elite designed this stylish swim cap for 2-in-1 use. It gives you the benefits of two swim caps as you can wear them from both sides in two different colours. This double-sided swim cap has enough elasticity to provide optimum fit.

Being lightweight and wrinkles-free, this becomes the best swim cap for competitions. It will improve your performance in the water. Moreover, it allows you to enjoy your swimming without tangling the hair and causing any breakage.

The Silicone material ensures durability and strength and reduces drag. More of a stylish kind of cap and is best for enthusiasts. Suitable for both adults (men and women) and kids.

The packaging includes a protective bag to carry this double-sided cap anywhere with you.


  • Stylish design
  • can be worn on both sides
  • two colour options in the same cap
  • Lightweight
  • a bag to carry


  • Do not have soft spaces for ears

TYR Sport Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap

TYR Unisex Adult Long Hair Silicone Swim Cap - Blue, Medium
  • New Asymmetric Design is shaped to fit long hair and to reduce pressure around head
  • Improved contour cut around ears

TYR is another cutting-edge swimming cap for athletic and training uses.

The built quality is amazing, made from Silicone material. TYR’s high-quality swim cap gives you the comfort that you need while swimming.

It is the best swim cap for long hours of training sessions due to its durable material, which not only lasts long but also delivers a wrinkle-free and pressure-free swimming experience. Also, You are not going to face a headache with this cap due to reduced pressure.

TYR has constructed the cap in an asymmetrical design that works best with long hair and keeps your hair nice and dry.

It can also decrease the dragging forces for better pace and performance.


  • Asymmetrically designed for a comfortable fit
  • Made up of good quality silicone
  • Prevents headache
  • It Maybe completely waterproof It Got high customer ratings ( 4.4 out of 5 )


  • A little bit of water can seep through the cap

Final Verdict

best swim caps to keep hair dry

The swimming caps mentioned in this article can be your good-to-go swim gear, both for professional and recreational users.

Overall, the Swim Elite premium 2-in-1 is my personal favourite because of its affordable price and unique double-sided design that gives a good performance. However, the Speedo Fastskin 3 can be the best swimming cap in terms of perfect fit and great hydrodynamic strength.

This swim cap is recommended for athletes and sportspersons with IQ fit and head mapping features.

But, we respect the diversity in everyone’s taste and choice. Therefore, we bring this list of best-for-all-purpose kinds of swim caps.

Buying Guide for Best Swim Caps

Material of the swimming cap

The material of the swim caps decides their durability and flexibility. It can be made from latex, Silicone, polyester, lycra, neoprene, etc. Latex caps are the best swim caps for warm water as it does not overheat.

best swim caps to keep hair dry

However, the material is thin, does not last very long, and is likely to get ripped easily. However, caps made from Silicone are more durable and thicker than latex; they can also be used while racing.

Yet, the Lycra swim caps are not recommended for competition as it is softer than Silicone and latex. Also, Lycra caps are unable to prevent exposure to water to keep hair dry.


Elasticity is an important factor to consider while buying a swim cap. If the swimming cap that you are purchasing is unable to stretch out to cover your head completely, then it’s worthless to buy such a cap, especially for those who have larger heads or thick, voluminous hair.

Therefore, I would suggest you consider this factor as well before buying the swimming cap.


Like any other sports person, comfort is the topmost priority of competitive swimmers. This will only be possible if your swim caps are not too tight to irritate you or too loose to create drag. It should just fit you perfectly.

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