Welcome to Onloan

We offer membership to the ultimate wardrobe.

About us

We’re passionate about great clothes. Ones that have that little something extra. But we’re also concerned about fashion’s waste problem.

That’s why we created Onloan: a fashion subscription service that lets you rent standout clothes without the guilt.

We’re inspired by past decades where clothes were less disposable, more fun and better made. When fashion was truly enjoyed, not consumed. We hold ourselves accountable for sustainability. It’s not perfect and there’s a long way to go, but we’re hellbent on working towards the solution.

No more walks of shame to the charity shop laden with bags of unworn clothes.

No more endless scrolling through pages and pages of badly curated fashion.

No more obligation to choose a sensible grey jumper over that standout fashion piece.

Now you can borrow it from Onloan instead.

Ps. We’re in beta, but open for business!


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