Best Arena Goggles For Swimmers In 2023

Looking for Best Arena Goggles for Swimmers? Swimming is a fantastic sport, one of the best ways to stay fit and active. However, swimmers need to contend with chlorine, saltwater, or chlorinated pools that can damage the eyes over time. Swimming goggles are essential for protecting the eyes. They allow you to see clearly underwater without worrying about your eyes getting damaged from pool chemicals.

Swim goggles are an essential accessory for every swimmer, whether you’re a competitive swimmer or do it for fun. And the truth is that all sports goggles are generally made from similar materials, including either clear or tinted polycarbonate lenses and silicone, rubber, or plastic frames.

However, some people like the idea of wearing stylish swimming goggles. But the problem is that you will have to compromise on functionality. Then there are those pesky goggles that either fall off for no reason or leak all the time – it never seems to end. This article will go over all the best swimming goggles for swimmers in 2022 and what you can expect from them.

Top 6 Arena Goggles For Swimmers (Review & Buying Guide)

Arena Cobra Ultra Racing Swim Goggles (for Men and Women)

The Arena has been putting out some great swim goggles for a while now, and the Cobra is their best product yet. It’s a medium-profile goggle that provides a wide field of vision (color doesn’t change either). 

The long temples give excellent stability, and the anti-fog coating is perfect (for real). They can be used in indoor pools, hot tubs, and open bodies of water without any fogging problems. A variety of lenses are provided. Arena provided a quality product with the Cobra, and if you’re looking for an anti-fog goggle, this is the one.

There is an anti-fog coating on the inside lens, so you don’t need to buy an anti-fog spray. The lenses will be clear instantly with a quick rinse after wearing them the first time.

Long moulded silicon side straps make it nearly impossible for water to leak in between them and your head. They’re also very comfortable, making it easy to put them on and forget entirely. I don’t even notice them when I’m swimming.

The Cobra Ultra’s super-hydrodynamic shape is designed to minimize drag. In addition, the low-profile design gives a wider field of view underwater.

The lightweight keeps you away from hindering your ability to swim fast.


  • 70% is made from polycarbonate, which makes it tough.
  • It’s durable and flexible and not too heavy. 
  • The lenses provide a wide field of vision underwater without fogging up as soon as you put them on. They are also easy to put on and forget about them entirely.
  • It uses technology that prevents water from seeping between the silicon side straps and your head.
  • Nose bridge sizes are available for those with small, medium, or large noses. 


  • The lenses are not polarized. So if you’re swimming in very bright sunlight, it can be tough to see.

Arena Cobra Swim Goggles

Arena Unisex Cobra Core Goggle, Blue-White, One Size UK
  • Sand sportswear
  • The materials have different densities and a ideal fit and maximum comfort

The interchangeable nose bridge allows for customizing the fit of an individual. Integrated Molded Side Temples are an innovative solution to the traditional temple/stem area. They offer increased comfort, extended adjustability, and improved lens coverage. The lenses have a unique curvature to them, which improves your vision.

High-performance polycarbonate lenses are a type of shatterproof, scratch-resistant, and easy-to-clean lens that is made with high-quality plastics. This material is so durable that if it were to be dropped. The design of the goggles is easy to use, lightweight and comfortable. They are also suitable for use in chlorinated pools.


  • The lenses are classified as “high-performance polycarbonate”. 
  • The lenses have a unique curving design that improves your vision. 
  • Features interchangeable nose bridge. 
  • The style of the lenses is customizable and can be ordered with a slim design or a more basic look. 
  • The goggles are lightweight and comfortable to use.
  • A variety of lenses are provided, including clear, mirrored, and anti-fog treatment on both the outer and inner lens. Also, polarized eye lenses are available.


  • There is no integration of moulded side temples

arena Tracks Youth and Adult Swim Goggles

Arena Unisex-Youth Swim Goggle Tracks Mirror, Violet/Fuchsia/Green, Junior

Another great goggle from Arena is the Cobra Core. The ultra-premium Japanese TPE makes the temple and the nose strap stronger while remaining supple and flexible. Five interchangeable nose bridges make the fit wider than ever before. Water can’t seep in.

These goggles have extended lateral vision, are comfortable, and have a streamlined design. In addition, they are exclusively designed to fit the contours of your face for a secure, leak-free fit that is comfortable and won’t impede your performance in any way.

It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and durable. The polycarbonate lenses are anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and UV protected. The silicone side straps are comfortable. They provide the ultimate combination of comfort and performance. The wide field of vision, maximum comfort, and impeccable fit are combined to provide you with superior hydrodynamics, a wide field of vision, exceptional downward visibility, and impressive forward visibility.


  • Made from ultra-premium Japanese TPE material. 
  • The silicone side straps are soft and comfortable. 
  • 5 interchangeable nose bridges for a customized fit.


  • When swimming indoors in bright sunlight, these goggles might not be the best fit for you as the tint might get dark.

Arena Airspeed Anti-Fog Swim Goggles for (Men and Women)

Arena Unisex Airspeed Mirror Racing Goggles
  • Extra comfortable mirrored racing goggles featuring Air Seals designed to reduce pressure around the eyes and enhance stability
  • Innovative Air Seals are shaped like a honeycomb to compress and adapt to the face, delivering a super light feeling

Arena has special swim goggles designed to make you feel that you are not even wearing any. The air seals are designed to compress and adapt to your face, distributing pressure only where needed for a super-light feeling. The air seals allow for a looser fit than most other goggles that may feel tight on your head. This helps prevent pain or discomfort when wearing these goggles while swimming.

Lightweight, you will not feel them on your head. The high-performance lenses are hard polycarbonate with an anti-fog coating for crystal-clear underwater visibility during training or racing.

The Arena Airspeed goggle offers high performance, lightweight, superior comfort, eye-catching styling, and unparalleled vision underwater, all at an affordable price. Smaller than the Cobra Series but with the same Aerodynamic performance you expect from Arena.


  • The air seals are designed to compress and adapt to your face. 
  • It’s lightweight and easy to get used to them, especially if you’ve never worn goggles like this before. 
  • The anti-fog technology works very well in many conditions.
  • The lenses are made of hard polycarbonate with a hardened anti-fog coating. 
  • The air seals allow for a looser fit than most other goggles that may feel tight on your head.
  • Excellent comfort during swimming.


  • The material is quite reflective, so it cannot be seen clearly in some conditions.
  • Perhaps you were expecting a bit less anti-fog since it is not a very durable anti-fog.

Arena Swedix Swedish Swim Goggles for (Men and Women)

Arean Swedix comes with a dual strap for better adjustment and a perfect fit. The enhanced vision and fit allow for a comfortable swim with the added rubber on the sides of the goggles to help prevent any discomfort, even after hours of swimming or training.

The Swedix Swim Goggles from Arena allows you to train hard and push yourself without worrying about them falling off or causing irritation. You will not believe how lightweight these Swedish-style goggles are! Made of high-quality materials and comes in multiple colors.

These are ideal for enjoying the water. Arena Swedix is one of the most popular swimwear among many people. These Arena swim goggles maximize protection to prevent fogging in even the most turbulent waters. They are made from premium material that will not easily scratch or break while providing a comfortable fit.


  • The nose bridge is very comfortable. 
  • It has a rubber coating that helps make for a great fit. 
  • The lenses are glare-free and anti-fog, which makes them ideal for swimming in the rain or tunnels. 
  • The dual straps ensure that you can adjust the goggles to fit your face snugly. 
  • If you’re not wearing these during swimming, they’d be great as sunglasses. 
  • Can be used as an everyday pair of glasses too.


  • When doing the backstroke, you might find it harder to see the ceiling clearly. 

Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe Racing Swim Goggles for Men and Women

Arena Cobra is one of the Arena’s best goggles for competitive swimmers. They are great for both training and racing. The glass is made of polycarbonate, which makes it scratch and shatter-resistant.

The lens is anti-fogging, which means you won’t have problems with blurriness during swimming. The Arena Cobra Goggles are made of the same high-quality materials that you’ll find in goggles that cost a lot more.

A thin gasket (over-moulded on the lens) is used for perfect comfort and a watertight seal that will protect your eyes while swimming. The straps around your head are easy to adjust, making them very adjustable. These swim goggles are great if you’re looking for something comfortable and sleek-looking. It’s exceptionally durable, and you can expect them to last for a long time.


  • The lenses are excellent to give you a clear view underwater. 
  • The goggles are very durable and will last for years. 
  • The goggles are very comfortable and retain their shape even after years of use. 
  • High-quality product made of the highest grade material. 
  • The lens is anti-fogging which means you won’t have problems with blurriness during swimming.


  • The strap can be a bit too tight.
  • The strap tends not to stay on, but this is rare.

Buying Guide

Best Arena Goggles For Swimmers

Before buying swim goggles, you should be aware of a few things. First, swim goggles are made from a variety of materials and in different styles. Some will block more light in than others, some will have better UV protection, some are made for swimming in saltwater, and others have anti-fog lenses. 

It is essential to figure out which material works best for you. Swim goggles are made from various materials like silicone, nylon, plastic, and rubber, each having its own features.

The following guide will help you understand what you need to look for before shopping for the best goggles.

Anti Fog

Fog can build up inside your swimming goggles, especially if there is moisture. This will cause the goggles to get blurry, and your vision can be affected. When you swim in freshwater, your goggles are ok, but when you move to chlorinated water or saltwater, the goggles will become fogged up faster. Swimming goggles that have anti-fog protection will help to prevent this. 

Nose Piece Adjustment

A nose piece is an essential characteristic of a swimming goggle. It ensures that your goggles stay on your face and give you a comfortable feel. In an adjustable nose piece, you can adjust the eyepieces of goggles to fit your face. A proper fit will create a good seal. It will make a perfect seal that prevents leakage.

Lens Color

Most goggles are available in either clear or colored lenses, and they serve some function. Having a clear lens will enable you to see maximally in low light conditions. Blue-colored lenses are good for reducing glare in bright conditions. Similarly, polarized lenses offer even greater glare reduction. They are good for both outdoor and indoor swimming. Mirrored lenses are also good but not as good as polarised lenses.


Choosing suitable swimming goggles can make a difference in your pool performance. It also helps save you time and possible eye injury by preventing chlorinated water from going into your eyes.

An ideal swim goggle should be both comfortable and durable. The best goggles are made with high-quality materials and have lenses suitable for all sorts of conditions.

Overall, Arena Swim Goggles are the best because they feature all the features you need to have. If you are looking for perfect goggles for swimming, you should get the best-suited goggles from Arena.

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