Best Waist Bags In 2023 Reviews

They are not a waste having a top 13 best waist bag in 2023 helping you out, you are not wasting any space on your body. Besides your normal pockets, these waste bags make sure you have more than enough spaces to place your treasured and valuable items.

Also called a fanny pack, these top waist bags have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are made from tougher materials, have more pockets and even durable zippers. Your contents should be safe and secure once you close these waist bags up

These top waist bags also come in a variety of colors so it is easy to disguise them when you need extra security.

List of Our Best Waist Bags Reviews

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag for Men

Fitdom Tactical Sling Bag for Men. Made from Heavy Duty Techwear Nylon & Built Tough for Outdoor and EDC Bag, Jet Black, L
  • FUNCTIONAL and STYLISH - If you have been looking for an utility everyday waist fannypack, then your search is over! That's because our product has 2 exterior easy access pockets, 4 interior compartments, tactical molle webbing and adjustable jacket straps. You will have all the space to securely keep your phones, wallet, cool gadgets and even tablet wherever you go!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE - The problem with typical phanny bags is they do not sit comfortably around the waist and the belt dig into the skin when it is heavy. Our product solves this problem! Why? That's because our product has an extra mesh cushion to reduce sweat and evenly spread out the pressure on the waist & back. This helps you to go further and longer without feeling fatigue.

No matter what name you use, fanny pack, waist bag or sling bag, this top waist bag will serve you well. It is made from very durable construction fabric and with top of the line clips or closures.

With 2 exterior pockets and 4 interior ones, you should have enough room to handle your smaller items, including money, with ease. The tough polyester material makes sure the strap hangs on tight and does not rip easily.

Plus, the adjustable factor lets people with waists between size 20 and 56 inches in size wear this fanny pack. The strap is also 2 inches wide to give you more comfort and stability. No matter what activity you participate in, outside of sports, you can wear this waist bag and no one should know you have it on.

Champion Men’s Prime Waist Bag

With about 5 colors to choose from, you can disguise what you are carrying with ease. The different colors melt right in with the colors on your outfit. Then this single pocket waist bag has 6 by 11 inches of room.

With that much room, you can carry a lot of items with you without telegraphing what you are carrying. After the bag gets dirty, you can toss it in the washing machine to get it 100% clean again. Hang dry it to be on the safe side.

Also, this waist bag is made from polyester. That construction material is both durable and comfortable. This waist bag should not cause you any discomfort even when you take a seat. Along with that, the bag should last you some time under normal use. Your peace of mind is this waist bag’s purpose.

CREATOR Tactical Waist Pack

Tactical Waist Pack CREATOR Portable Fanny Pack Outdoor Hiking Travel Large Army Waist Bag Military Waist Pack for Daily Life Cycling Camping Hiking Hunting Fishing Shopping - Black
  • MATERIALS - High density 1000D nylon,good quality buckle - Lightweight, Durable Material with Adjustable, Detachable Strap
  • PERFECT DESIGN - Small, Compact, Easy to go anywhere design is more portable than any other Large Packs which are too big,bulky or heavy,you will even not aware of them when you are wearing them. Well made with extra pockets for added functionality

You can hide a lot of interesting items in this top waist bag. With 3 exterior pockets, you can carry a film, camera, phone, and other smaller items. Then the interior pocket can be reserved for your cash reserves.

Top zipper closures make sure your contents are well looked after and if you do not forget to close them, everything stays inside where you put them. Made from nylon the buckle and strap are tough, as well as adjustable.

Plus, you have a tough fabric that should help keep water, dust and other contaminants away from your contents. This fabric should also be nice and comfortable as you walk.

With this waist bag around your waist, you should be able to tour a lot of places with ease and no one should know what you have along for the ride.

Nabob Leather Fanny Pack Waist Bag

Fanny Pack Waist Bag Multifunction Genuine Leather Hip Bum Bag Travel Pouch for Men and Women- Multiple Pockets & Sturdy Zippers Ideal for Hiking Running And Cycling, Brown, One Size
  • Global Store items have separate terms, are sold from abroad, and may differ from the UK version, including fit, age ratings, and labelling.

When you do not care that people know you are carrying smaller items, this top leather waist bag will show off your good taste and fashion style. Made from leather you have a tough bag that should hold up under a variety of travel conditions.

After you receive this bag at your home, you can wear it as long as your waist is not smaller than 26 inches and no larger than 50. 6 pockets adorn this fanny pack providing you with lots of storage options. Side pockets are good for coins or bills.

The belt and nylon closure keeps this waist belt from falling off or being ripped off your waist. It is a tough all-around fanny pack that uses durable zippers to keep the pockets closed. Don’t leave home without it.

Fanny Pack For Women & Men

OlimpiaFit Fanny Pack s Large Women Men Girls Man Boy Cute Cool Waist Bag Dad Mom Hiking Travel Camp Swim Running Money Belt Roomy Beach Dog Walking Sport XL Gray Big
  • 6 SEPARATE POCKETS / ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION: 2 large zipper compartments will fit a cell phone, wallet, water bottle, small umbrella, car keys and many other items. One of the compartments includes a tethered key clip. 2 zippered hidden pockets for additional antitheft protection and your peace of mind (one inside of the main compartment, another on the outside of the bag). Two front outside pockets of different sizes offer easy access to all your essential items.
  • WATER-RESISTANT / HEADPHONES JACK: The water resistant material will keep your belongings dry, protecting them from sweat and rain drops at all times. The headphones jack lets you listen to music and accept incoming calls on the go without getting your phone out of the bag. Perfect go-to travel belt that will stand up to the challenges of your active lifestyle. High grade nylon and excellent craftsmanship ensure amazing look and ultimate durability.

Its cute design should make this waist bag attractive to women.. The classy look should attract the eyes of men. Put both features together and you have a great gray waist bag for both genders.

On top of that, you have 3 fairly large pockets to use and organize your things. No more keys in your pocket scratching your leg up. The one unique feature on this fanny pack is the headphone jack which let you listen to a lot of music as you walk

The durable and tough waist belt comes with an equally tough and durable buckle. These two items make sure your bag stays with you and not wander off with thieves. It is a great looking fanny pack that will not clash with your fashion sense. Use it all the time if you want.

ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag

ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag for Women Men, Running Packs Gear with Phone Water Bottle Holder Adjustable Belt, for Travel Workout Hiking, Carrying iPhone Money, Multi Colors Black, red and More
  • Adjustable Waist Belt: Waist strap length is from 21.5 to 47 Inches
  • Water Resistant, Durable, Healthy: made of high quality and healthy materials.

Stay hydrated as you walk from tourist site to tourist site. This top waist bag has a mesh pocket with a security belt to hold your bottled drink. On the other side carry something to eat so you do not lose your strength.

After you get this waist bag ready to go, it should fit a variety of waist sizes from about 22 to 47 inches in size. If you want you can wear this bag by hanging it around your neck. That extra security string helps keep your fanny pack from falling into the wrong hands.

With 4 zippered pockets at your disposal, you can organize your items and keep them where they are the handiest for you to reach. The bag is water-resistant and uses top zippers to make sure your contents never leave your waist.

SAVFY Fanny Pack

SAVFY Fanny Pack with 4-Zipper Pockets, Waist Bag Travel Pocket with Adjustable Belt for Workout Vacation Hiking, Casual Hands-Free Waist Pack Crossbody Phone Bag Carrying All Phones
  • 1.WITH 4 SEPARATE COMPARTMENT: The main large pocket is roomy enough to hold cellphone, passport,small purse or other valuable items. With the two small pockets in the front and the left, and a pocket in the back, you could put your keys, coins, cashes in it to protect your cell phone from scratched.
  • 2. A PERFECT GIFT FOR TRAVELERS: Are your Families, or your Friends planning to travel? Do you looking for the Best Travel Gifts for them? This fanny pack is ideal for various activities such as Jogging, Walking, Cycling, Hiking, Holidays, Festivals and so on.

If you jog or take long walks to get exercise, this is a good fanny pack or waist bag to take along with you. It comes with 4 zippered pockets making sure you have the storage space you need.

Once you have it packed, the adjustable strap makes sure it fits securely. The bag works on waists measuring between 32 and 43 inches in size. The polyester material should not add any significant amount of weight to your jog and it should resist water and sweat.

Then its large size makes sure you get what you need inside. That way you can run or walk with confidence. You are not leaving anything important behind. The flexible belt should not cause you to be in any discomfort but wrap around your waist without hurting you.

adidas Originals National Waist Pack

There is nothing wrong with wearing a name brand waist bag. It shows your loyalty and good taste. It also shows your good judgment as name brand waist bags are generally better made than all the rest.

This 100% polyester bag comes with a synthetic lining to add to your comfort.No scratching of your fingers when you reach inside the pocket. The 8 by almost 5 inch size makes sure there is room enough for what you want to place in the pocket.

To keep it nice and clean just wipe the bag down with a damp cloth. A variety of colors are waiting for you to select them if this one is not up to your liking. There is one just for you when you get around to looking at the wide color selection.

UShake Slim Running Belt

USHAKE Slim Running Belt, Ultra Light Bounce Free Waist Pouch Fitness Workout Belt Sport Waist Pack Exercise Waist Bag for Apple iPhone Samsung in Running Gym Marathon Cycling, Black04
  • MATERIAL(Ultra-Light): Nylon/Lycra fabric for moisture wicking, quick drying, stretchable, and great softness against your skin. The material is lightweight so you almost cannot feel it when you put it on.
  • SIZE: Fits 25.9 - 42 inches waists with fully adjustable elastic strap. Strong adjustable elastic waistband ensures it bounce free. Dimension size: 4.72"x7.87" (HxL)

Keep your slim and trim figure looking slim and trim. This top waist bag does not add bulk and all eyes should be on your beauty and not the fanny pack. The single pocket waist bag fits waists measuring 26 to 42 inches in circumference.

In addition, you have a very fashion orientated fanny bag that adds to your style and doe snot clash with what you are wearing. Then the elastic strap should keep you comfortable and move when you move.

Measuring about 5 by 8 inches in size, you should be able to place a few important small items inside. The fanny pack is sweat and water-resistant making sure your items do not get soaked when wearing this bag.

FREETOO Waist Pack Bag

FREETOO Waist Pack Bag Fanny Pack for Men&Women Hip Bum Bag with Adjustable Strap for Outdoors Workout Traveling Casual Running Hiking Cycling Black
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.
  • AMPLE ROOM, KEEP ORGANIZED: Well constructed with 5 separate zippered pockets of different sizes for all your needs;The largest pocket can easily hold a standard water bottle (16oz); A small hidden zipper compartment inside the main pocket perfect for your valuables for extra security; A flat zippered exterior pocket located behind the waist band, against your body. Provides spacious storage and help keep you organized while maintaining a slim profile

4 pockets on this waist bag are closed with a zipper. That means you can only take the essentials and leave your bulky purse at home. A 5th zippered pocket is in the rear of the bag to hide your cell phone from curious eyes.

The tough polyester fabric used to make this waist bag is also comfortable to wear if your waist measures between 24 and 45 inches around. This material is also wear-resistant making sure that it looks good all year round.

Then the buckle is easy to operate and works hard to keep this waist bag on your hips. Heavy-duty zippers are charged with keeping your essentials nice and safe. They do a great job with that responsibility.

Yome Waist Pack

Fanny Pack for Men and Women, Yome Waist Pack Belt Bags with Adjustable Strap (Black)
  • 3 ZIPPERED COMPARTMENTS:(1)The largest pocket has a headphone jack for iPhone or smartphone and can easily hold a standard water bottle (550ML) or other large items.(2)Hidden, zippered pocket on the back side is great for storing money and valuables.(3)Front pocket with detachable key ring for other small items.
  • SOLID QUALITY ZIPPERS: Zippers are a very important part of a bag and should never be compromised. This waist pack adopts tough and sturdy zippers that are easy to open and slide smoothly. Zipper pull-tabs are heavy-duty, good-sized and elegant in design. Worry no more about anything falling out and getting lost.

There will be those times where you do not want to carry a wallet or a purse as you go outside. That is okay as long as you have this trusty waist bag holding those items you really need with you.

Then with 13 by 7 by 5 inches, you can fit a lot of important items, like id, inside this bag. You can do what you need to do and not miss your wallet or purse. A quick-release buckle lets you get the pack off in a hurry.

It fits waists measuring up to 49 inches in size and without sacrificing any comfort. The waist bag is water resistant but not waterproof. Don’t take it into the water with you.

Tinyat Travel Fanny Bag

WANDF Waist Bum Bag Fanny Pack for Men Women Hip Belt Bag for Sport Hiking Running Jogging Walking
  • Made of durable nylon fabric for long lasting. Anti-scratch and water-resistant.
  • Zippered front accessory pocket is great for keys, I.D., cell phone and other small items.

This top waist bag is discreet, Just like you should be when you travel. Once it is around your waist its lack of bulk makes sure your secrets are not detected by onlookers. Along with that the bag looks very stylish and should fit your fashion sense.

2 pockets, one in front and one in back. The front pocket holds larger items while the back is a hiding place for valuables. Then with 17 colors to choose from you can find a bag that fits the colors you like to wear.

The 12 by 5 by 5 inch approx. waist bag has a lot of room to stash your things. It is convenient and easy to use when you travel.

Waterfly Fanny Pack

Waterfly Waist Bag Fanny Pack Bum Bag Slim Water Resistant Running Belt for Sports Running Cycling Hiking Walking
  • The Adjustable Strap: Fully adjustable polyweb waist belt, which extend up to 127cm. Fit for almost all people,and it can be used as a sling bag, single shoulder bag, bum bag, fanny pack.
  • Multifunctional Structure: The travel bum bag has four pockets, one main zippered compartment, with a shorter front zippered compartment and extra gusseted front velcro fastening pocket as well as an extra hidden rear zippered pocket.

Another not so bulky waist back that handles your essential items with the touch of a pro. Once inside the zippered pockets your items should not fall or drop out accidentally. Then with over 30 colors available, you are in fashion heaven.

On top of that, you have a very comfortable security belt to place around your waist. If your waist size is 50 or lower, then this is the fanny pack for you. An easy to use buckle and adjustable strap keep the bag snug to your body.

4 pockets re ready and willing to carry your smaller items for you. Both genders can use this pack and walk around town in style. Its a nice option to have when you are outside your home.


Security is key when you travel away from home. One of the top 13 best waist bags in 2020 can help you achieve top security. These bags are well made, tough and use dependable zippers to keep your contents secure.

Their buckles are not hard to use and the adjustable straps make sure you stay comfortable when wearing these top fanny packs. When you are not traveling, they are good for jogging, walking, washing your car and other simple activities. They are your friend and there when you need them.

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