- What is the Wardrobe Freedom offer?

We really believe that renting is the most joyful way to enjoy clothes and we want as many people as possible to experience it. If you’ve been meaning to try renting for a while this is your opportunity!

- What are the details?

This is a one off exclusive offer to try renting with 50% off your membership for 3 months. We don’t charge a deposit and there are no fees for returns, damages or cleaning, it’s all included.

- Who is eligible for this offer?

New customers only.

- Can I tell friends about the offer?

Sure, we want as many people as possible to experience the joy of renting.

- How many pieces can I choose?

You can choose the 2 Item plan or the 4 Item plan. 

- How long is the bank holiday offer valid for?

This offer will be valid from 6pm on the 21st of September 2020 until midnight on the 22nd of September 2020.

- Can I pause my account?

Of course, you can pause your account anytime during the 3 months, but the 50% off is only valid for Sept, Oct & Nov. If you'd like to pause, send your clothes back to us before your next loan date, and you won’t be charged your monthly subscription.

- A piece I like isn’t available in my size, can you help?

Our shared wardrobe has many beautiful pieces to choose from, so we’d suggest that if your first choice item isn’t available then you should take the opportunity to try a new style or colour. 

- Can I swap my pieces?

Yes, we want you to enjoy your items as much as possible - if somethings not right just drop us a message hello@onloan.co and we’ll be happy to help.

- Can I continue to loan after the trial month ends?

Of course, if you love the items you’ve loaned you can keep them for another month or swap them for something else. We get new items every week so there’s lots to choose from.

- Can I use a friend referral code too?

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, however you will receive a bespoke friend referral code to share with others. You can refer as many friends as you’d like - they’ll each get £25 off their first month, and you’ll get £25 off your next loan.