Taking its name from the Italian word for cloth, Tela was founded in 2009 by creative director Federica Mora. Her background in merchandising for big names such as Max Mara and Cerutti heavily influenced the brand’s focus on tailoring. 


In Italy, Tela is often used as a term to describe the first draft or ‘toile’ of a garment, the bones of the piece, a painter’s blank canvas. This same sentimentally runs through everything that the brand creates, encouraging wearers to experiment with the pieces as building blocks of their own style.


There’s no denying Tela’s commitment to the cut, designs are tailored to perfection but kept interesting thanks to tactile fabrics and rich colours.

Tela £324
Muschio Knot Slip Dress
Tela £250
Lucida Sheer Orange Blouse
Tela £250
Lucida Sheer Brown Blouse
Tela £230
Folclore Cut-Out Dress
Tela £270
Casper Brown Midi Dress
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