Founded in 2008 by sisters Domitille and Angelique Brion, Souer is a Parisian label with a distinctly personal approach – quite literally translating to Sister, the brand captures this same intimacy in every piece.

Soeur £170
Jimmy Cropped Zebra Trousers
Soeur £297
Meryl Silk Twill Geometric Midi Dress
Soeur £265
Eustache Leopard Cotton Gabardine Parka
Soeur £270
Gretchen Embossed Silk Shirt
Soeur £255
Teal Utilitarian Jumpsuit
Soeur £125
Jeremie Jacquard Sweater Vest
Soeur £240
Goa Paisley Silk Midi Dress
Soeur £203
Lucrece Floral Shirt
Soeur £310
Plaid Tie Waist Blazer
Soeur £170
Geometric Print Silk Blouse
Soeur £176
Lyne Cropped Cardigan
Soeur £222
Floral Shimmer Mini Dress
Soeur £280
Janis Tailored Corduroy Jacket
Soeur £240
Laurena Floral Midi Dress
Soeur £240
Elysee Plaid Shirt Dress
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