Cecily Motley and Ilana Lever co-founded Motley in 2017 with a desire to challenge the status quo of the jewellery industry. Their fresh approach puts the power back in the hands of artisans and gives designers the recognition and resources that they deserve.


Each piece is the result of a collaboration with an independent designer, whose name is then attributed to the piece – giving credit where credit’s due (and often overlooked). The result is a joyous offering of jewellery that’s never short on surprises. 


A motley piece offers the perfect finishing touch. Crafted from sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil or 9k solid gold, designs are a sculptural delight – often featuring playful motifs like birds, hearts or the sun.

Motley £185
Silver Bubble Hoop Earrings
Motley £195
Gold Bubble Hoop Earrings
Motley £240
Gold Guinevere Drop Earrings with Red Onyx
Motley £250
Gold Screw It Pearl Necklace
Motley £365
Gold Solis Necklace with Pendant
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