Maggie Hewitt founded Maggie Marilyn in 2016 at the humble age of 22, the brand swiftly becoming a sustainability success story. The New Zealand based label’s commitment to the planet is sincere, refreshingly transparent and ever-evolving. 


The brand’s sustainability strategies are comprehensively shared on their website and broken down into three key areas: People, Planet and Prosperity. An annual Sustainability Strategy Update provides an in-depth look at progress, reflections and future plans.


Clean silhouettes are kept interesting thanks to feminine detailing in the form of cleverly placed ruffles, ruching and beyond. Grounded by neutrals, the MM colour palette is lifted by soft pastel hues and candy brights.

Maggie Marilyn £352
It's Up To You Knotted Crepe Midi Dress
Maggie Marilyn £350
Don't Overthink It Peppermint Shirt
Maggie Marilyn
Coco's Cantina Somewhere Print Shirt
Maggie Marilyn
Filled With Joy Poet Blouse
Maggie Marilyn £354
Don't Overthink It Pintuck Shirt
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