Dutch-founder Tessa Vermeulen dreamt up the iconic brand between Shanghai and London, officially launching in 2018 and it’s taken big strides since. Hai, being the Mandarin translation of ‘sea’ and the second half of Shanghai, showcases their signature, ethically-sourced Mulberry silk bags in dreamy oceanic hues that conjure up the lightness of silk mirroring the rippling sea - done so well you can almost feel the shore at your feet.


Shimmering sustainability: Hai allow you to “sea” the light when it comes to conscious choices but always succeed in keeping it chic. The label uses ethically-sourced and recycled Mulberry silk from China across all of their unique designs, and it’s this signature material of choice that make Hai bags the ultimate, forward-thinking accessory that never compromises on style.


Simultaneously fun yet functional: whimsical pouches, nostalgic checkerboard designs and playful takes on classic staples, Hai has got your arm candy covered, whatever your style. Amongst the frivolous designs, details can be found from the influence of the label’s Eastern roots, taking the form of striking bamboo handles and carefully chosen, earthy colours. Combining these elements together, Hai will take your accessory game to the next level.

Hai £98
Vera Checkerboard Bag
Hai £98
Bamboo Bag
Hai £122
Hai Lilac Puff Gina Bag
Hai £122
Nelly Bag - Pink
Hai £122
Nelly Bag - Green
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