Collection: The Seana Redmond Edit

Our first guest editor is the Art Director and collage artist Seana Redmond.  An eye for the sublime, Seana is nothing short of a visual oracle. Here she takes us on a journey of her favourite images, alongside the Onloan pieces that remind her of them.

  • Allegra Voluminous Poppy Blouse
    Allegra Voluminous Poppy Blouse
    Ciao Lucia
  • Rocky Denim Zip Dress
    Rocky Denim Zip Dress
  • Claude Metallic Jacquard Top
    Claude Metallic Jacquard Top
    By Malene Birger
  • Safari Tobacco Midi Dress
    Safari Tobacco Midi Dress
    Lily and Lionel
  • Leopard print copy
    Leopard print copy
  • A-line faux leather midi skirt
    A-line faux leather midi skirt
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Poppy Midi Dress With Pearl Buttons
    Poppy Midi Dress With Pearl Buttons
    Mother of Pearl
  • Pine Green Tailored Suit
    Pine Green Tailored Suit
  • Kitri suit copy
    Kitri suit copy
  • Navy Mock-Croc Coat
    Navy Mock-Croc Coat
  • -
  • Karoline Ribbed Knit Top
    Karoline Ribbed Knit Top
    House of Dagmar
  • -
  • Washed Cotton Boilersuit
    Washed Cotton Boilersuit
  • Evony Alpaca Blend Sweater
    Evony Alpaca Blend Sweater
    By Malene Birger
  • Black Vinyl Shirt Dress
    Black Vinyl Shirt Dress
    £ 295
  • -
  • Dora Red Floral Dress
    Dora Red Floral Dress
    House of Dagmar

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