Collection: Best In Check

Grids, plaids and windowpanes.

Commonly associated with punk, and grunge fashion, as well as the humble school uniform, Check is perhaps one of the most versatile patterns.

Here's an edit of the Best In Check, cut in a series of contemporary shapes, available to loan in your Onloan wardrobe.

  • Zig-zag Oversized Jacquard Cardigan
    Zig-zag Oversized Jacquard Cardigan
  • Organic Cotton Penny Blouse
    Organic Cotton Penny Blouse
    House of Dagmar
  • Red Tartan Top
    Red Tartan Top
  • Plaid Tie Waist Blazer
    Plaid Tie Waist Blazer
  • Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt
    Plaid Wrap Mini Skirt
  • Pink Check Tea Dress
    Pink Check Tea Dress
  • Windowpane Check Lambswool Sweater
    Windowpane Check Lambswool Sweater
    House of Dagmar
  • Square-Neck Plaid Mini Dress
    Square-Neck Plaid Mini Dress
  • Tartan Midi Skirt
    Tartan Midi Skirt
  • Balsash Pleated Checked Midi Skirt
    Balsash Pleated Checked Midi Skirt
    By Malene Birger
  • Check Wool Mini Skirt
    Check Wool Mini Skirt
  • Prince of Wales Crepe Blouse
    Prince of Wales Crepe Blouse
    By Malene Birger
  • Beata Windowpane Check Cardigan
    Beata Windowpane Check Cardigan
    House of Dagmar
  • Lambswool knit midi skirt
    Lambswool knit midi skirt
    House of Dagmar
  • Settino Plaid Shirt
    Settino Plaid Shirt
    By Malene Birger

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