Collection: Shuna Frood's Latest Edit

Hi Shuna,
Welcome to your latest Onloan edit. 
We hope you like the selection. Let us know if you have any styling questions! 
Tamsin + Nat x

  • Floral Midi Dress
    Floral Midi Dress
  • Mixed Print Tea Dress
    Mixed Print Tea Dress
  • Denim belted dress
    Denim belted dress
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Asymmetric cotton dress
    Asymmetric cotton dress
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Bamboo print Dora dress
    Bamboo print Dora dress
    House of Dagmar
  • Logo print chiffon blouse
    Logo print chiffon blouse
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Azolla Gathered Waist Midi Dress
    Azolla Gathered Waist Midi Dress
    By Malene Birger
  • Tartan Midi Skirt
    Tartan Midi Skirt
  • Black oversized shirt
    Black oversized shirt
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Faux leather culottes
    Faux leather culottes
    Mykke Hofmann
  • Beata Windowpane Check Cardigan
    Beata Windowpane Check Cardigan
    House of Dagmar

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